Supporting and expanding the community within our segment is an integral part of our DNA. Each of us has gone through phases as a player, from starting out as a student who is deep in the pocket and happy for any support to when you have the "dough" for better equipment and it's a regimented leisure hobby. That's why we try to come up with projects where everyone can find support. But that wasn't enough for us and we went even further. We have support not only from individuals but also from teams. Moreover, we are also organizers, so we know what it is like to run a playground, to build it, to organize events. We also thought about the organizers.


Everyone wants to be on a team because everyone wants to be surrounded by a group of people who share the same hobby and the same passion for the cause. And that's why we have the Teams project.

And what is it?

  • Create your own team that you play for in real life.
  • Fill your profile
  • Invite your teammates.
  • shop in our online store
  • your spending will be added up within your team, earning you a brozne, sillver, gold or platinum badge.
  • Each badge will get you a discount on the full range of our e-shop
  • the more you spend with us as a team, the more valuable the badge and the more discount you get.

Click here for full information on Teams.

Find the Team Database here.


RAST is dedicated to the development and production of products for airsoft replicas. Our product range includes various upgrade parts, aids for service technicians, accessories and much more.

"We are a bunch of airsoft enthusiasts connected by a long-standing friendship. We have been involved in airsoft itself for over 15 years, including over 7 years professionally. We have often made many different things and gadgets ourselves, which led us to the idea of offering these things to others, and so RAST was born. We are a relatively young brand, but full of energy, ideas and care."

For RAST Matty and Ráca


A community affair of the heart, organizing events! Our second division, , has been organizing events for kids for 30 years, from small events on our fields to events for 270 people anywhere in the country.

We've taken a different approach. We have other proven matadors to organize large events, but there is plenty of room for community events for smaller numbers of people.

Pistol tournaments, shotgun tournaments, fun, action, cool. That's PLAYAIRSOFT by Actionshop.


We run the playground ourselves, so we know what the concerns are. We've been doing it for 30 years, so we have a lot of experience. We'd like to share that experience with other campuses who are trying to do events and build unique playgrounds and spaces.

That's why we created a program to support campuses and teams. 

You can find out what we can offer here