Thanks to its long-standing presence on the market, Actionshop.cz has established close cooperation with renowned brands such as PolarStar, Nuprol, Vector optics, Specna Arms and the 3p-store brand grouping, which includes brands such as WADSN, Aim-O and Metal 

These brands form the core DNA of the Actionshop.cz range


The PolarStar brand is the manufacturer of the most famous HPA systems in the world. Thanks to the expertise in HPA, the Actionshop.cz team has managed to establish close cooperation directly with the manufacturer. Since 2022, Actiosnhop.cz becomes one of the largest importers of this brand in Europe. 


The English manufacturer of airsoft replicas, Nuprol, is one of the youngest manufacturers of airsoft replicas. It focuses on the production of high quality and affordable gas pistols. In 2020 Actionshop.cz establishes the first contact with the brand and already in 2021 is the main supplier for the Czech Republic.


Vector Optics is a manufacturer of sights, designed not only for airsoft but also for live weapons. Thanks to the high quality at a very reasonable price, the brand has quickly gained great popularity. The brand puts a lot of emphasis on progress and that is why every year new models are released to replace older versions. We have been working with the Vector Optics brand since 2016, and they form the main part of our range of scopes. 


Anyone who is into airsoft knows the Specna Arms brand. The brand focuses on producing very high quality airsoft replicas. The brand has been setting trends and standards for replicas since 2021. The Specna Arms brand has become a flagship brand and forms the main range of AEG replicas. 


The WADSN brand is a manufacturer of high quality replica flashlights, their portfolio also includes complete accessories such as mounting rails and switches. Since 2022, Actionshop.cz is the exclusive importer of this brand in the Czech Republic.


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