About Us

Your personal Paintball shop

It dates back to 1994, which is practically speaking the birth of the company AGS Trade s.r.o., founded by Vladan Marek, who was one of the first people in the Czech Republic to try paintball, which was then brought by a friend from Germany. 

Paintball became a passion and the birth was absolutely simple and natural - a group of friends started to play paintball together, other friends joined them, they started to rent equipment with each other and in this way the second branch of AGS Trade s.r.o. started to form, which is Paintballgame.cz 

As the service took shape, where customers could borrow equipment and play paintball hand in hand, the demand for other equipment such as paintballs, markers, protective masks or tactical equipment grew and now we are getting to the beginnings of Paintballshop, which started to operate at a time when the Internet was a matter of a few engineers from Czech Technical University :-). So, a brick-and-mortar shop (actually a garage) and a bunch of enthusiasts who sold equipment during the week and played or organized paintballs at the weekend in a quarry near Beroun.

In 2003, an e-shop was created, a second branch was opened in Brno and the garage company became a major player on the European market, bringing the biggest American brands such as Spyder, Empire, JT, or Tippmann to the Czech Republic and selling them all over Europe.
Paintball became very popular and began to be divided into several categories such as commercial paintball, sport paintball (speedball) or military paintball (woodsball). Large military events for up to 400 players or European sport paintball tournaments for 200 teams from all over the world were organized in Prague Strahov.

For several years we have held the position of the largest paintballshop in the Czech Republic with the largest range of goods in stock. We organize paintball events thanks to our subsidiary company Paintballgame.cz, which operates 7 paintball venues around the Czech Republic, we travel with our colleagues to play at our customers who themselves operate paintball venues and thanks to Paintball Club Trója we have traveled Europe from tournaments in sports paintball.
We have launched a new e-shop in 2024 and we will continue to be determined and diligent in building the paintball community player by player and trying to bring paintball back into the mainstream.