Need to fill an HPA or CO2 bottle? Visit Us!

How does it work?

  • we are able to fill your HPA bottles at all our stores 
  • we fill both 200 bar (3000 psi) and 300 bar (4500 psi) - in Ostrava only 200 bar
  • CO2 bottles are filled only in Prague 
  • for safety reasons we cannot send filled bottles by any courier service

Which bottles we do not fill? 

  • uncertified bottles
  • bottles with expired pressure test
  • damaged bottles (we reserve the right to assess the condition of the bottle)

What is a hydrotest and how do I know if it is valid? 

  • each bottle has a valid hydrotest for 5 years from manufacture
  • the date of manufacture is always indicated on the bottle
  • the hydrotest is renewable after expiry by performing a pressure test
  • Please note: Composite bottles (sometimes aluminum as well) may have a manufacturer's lifetime (stated on the bottle as Final Date) 


Where can I renew my hydrotest?

  • You can take the bottle to us and we will take care of it!
  • we can exchange aluminum bottles for the same newly hydrotested bottles that are similarly worn out (we will of course replace the regulator with yours) 
  • if you also want your aluminium bottle back, the hydrotest will take about 1 month (call us to check the time) 
  • hydrotest of composite bottles takes about 1-2 months (in case of larger number or extra charge about 2 weeks)
  • the hydrotest includes a complete service of the regulator (analysis, cleaning, resealing and pressure adjustment if necessary)

Price list:

Filling HPA bottles (standard size) 40 CZK / piece
Filling of Scuba Tanks 10 CZK / 1L
CO2 bottle filling  60 CZK 
Hydrotest of HPA aluminium bottles (including regulator maintenance) 450 CZK* 
Hydrotest of HPA composite bottles (including regulator maintenance)   1000 CZK* 
Repair of air regulators 100 - 300 CZK
Replacement of fuse, o-rings, pressure gauge      50 CZK*

  * The price does not include the cost of parts to be used in case of necessary repair