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Krejnická 2021/1 (OC Chrpa)
148 00 Praha 4
Czech Republic
GPS: 50°1'57.816"N, 14°28'56.138"E

Opening hours:
Mon-Thu 13-18
Fri           10-18
Sat, Sun --CLOSED--

We are closed on public holidays unless otherwise stated.

Phone: +420 272 762 938
Phone 2: +420 608 331 341
SOS Week-End Paintballs Sale: +420 777 099 099
E-mail: info@paintballshop.cz
E-mail (orders/e-shop): objednavky@paintballshop.cz
E-mail (enqueries): obchod@paintballshop.cz
E-mail (tech): servis@paintballshop.cz
E-mail (bazaar): bazar@paintballshop.cz

How to get there
Subway (Metro): Line C, Roztyly or Chodov station
Bus: Bus number 135, Dědinova station (it´s one stop from both Roztyly and Chodov subway station)
Information about SOS Week-End Paintballs Sale is below.
Map of nearby area

Pobočka PRAHA

SOS Week-End Paintballs Sale
No paintballs, game ahead and store is already closed? NO PROBLEM! Call +420 777 099 099 – SOS week-end paintball sale, buy paintballs and get yourself back in the game! CO2/HP Tanks filling also possible.