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Tiberius T15 Black

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FS T15 Semi-Auto Paintball Marker.

The revolutionary T15 magazine fed paintball marker is the first of its kind offering a true .68 caliber 1 to 1 AR platform. The T15 features a rugged lightweight cast aluminum body that will withstand the harshest conditions while maintaining optimum maneuverability.

Customize, Personalize your T15 to your style of play – the First Strike T15 accepts multiple “real steel” parts so you can adjust your game play, allowing for more modifications, and increasing functionality.


  • Players can choose to use our patented magazines or a standard hopper. The dual feed allows players to quickly
  • switch between “hopper mode” and “magazine mode” during play for optimum versatility.
  • 1. A Standard Hopper
  • 2. Magazine And Standard Hopper

Feed neck for a standard hopper is not included in the package.


  • Functional Charging Handle
  • 19/20 Continuous Fed First Strike Magazines
  • Magazine and Hopper Feed

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