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Virtue Spire 260 Black

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The Virtue Spire is the next generation in loader technology with a shot activated sensor, jam-proof feeding system and a tool-less design that can be taken apart and reassembled in seconds. Not only is the Spire an aggressive, lightweight, and compact design, but it also holds more paint than the leading competitors.

• Tool-less Disassembly: Slide Lock Quick Release Button for easy, tool-less disassembly.
• Flex Cycle Paddle: Rubber Flex Cycle allows the Spire to feed even the most brittle paint.
• Spring Loaded Anti-jam Drive: Slides underneath and pushes jams out of the way before they occur.
• Shot Activated Sensor: Intelligent G-Force Sensor isolates and detects acceleration from each shot.
• Aggressive Low Profile Styling: Adds approx. 4” of height to the gun as a result of spacing saving with the vertically stacked gearbox.
• Single Tray Internal Construction: All of the Spire internals are attached to a single tray for easy removal.
• Transparent Back Shell: View paint levels in a single glance without showing everyone else.
• True 200™ Capacity: High ball capacity holds 200+ paintballs.
• Self-Optimizing Motor: Monitors motor torque and the G-force sensor to optimize performance.
• Quick Change Speedfeed: Optional Crown2 changes back and forth from Speed Feed to Lid in seconds.
• Wide Mouth Lid: Huge lid opening for easy reloading.
• Extremely Tough Shells: Front, Bottom & Back Shells made from reinforced, impact modified materials.
• Internally Sorting Spire Drive: Spire shaped drive funnels and feeds paint, while reducing stack pressure.
• Internal Dampening Cushion: Internal pad protects fragile paint from impacts in the front of the shell caused by running or diving and also reduces sound.
• Electronic Force Feed Button: Press the LED cover to manually force the Spire to spin.
• Adjustable Settings: Speaker, LED control, Standby, Sensitivity, and Factory Reset.
• Conformal coated electronics protect the circuitry from moisture and paint.
• Audible, Instant-on: Push button on/off with audible speaker feedback.
• Long Battery Life: Ultra long battery life from 3 AA batteries.

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